About Us


FinaJamsAndJellies is the creation of J&D Culinary, artisan preserves made with California wine.  Products are available for purchase online, by email or direct messaging, and at special events.

Our wine jams and jellies are made with premium ingredients, California wine and fresh fruits. The final product does not contain any alcohol because it is boiled out during the cooking process, leaving the flavorful essences of wine in each jar.

The Berry Cabernet and Peach Muscat are limited production and seasonal products.  These are specialty items available at certain times of the year.

Wines and fruit essences used for our jams and jellies may change on occasion.  We choose only high quality ingredients for all FinaJamsAndJellies products.

FinaJamsAndJellies, J&D Culinary is a licensed cottage food business owned by Wine Rage LLC.